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With the belief that our Pentecostal experiences will revive our Christian community as vibrant as the early church was, we are witnessing to the Gospel that empowers all the people, beyond their denominational differences, to experience God's love and to live a life manifesting His gracious gifts in the Holy Spirit bestowed upon us in the name of Christ.

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God's Love- Andy Kim, Batimore, MD

2023-02-07 02:02


The following is transcriptions of the testimonies given by the participants of the Life in the Spirit Seminars Young Leaders’ Workshop IV. The workshop, sponsored by KSC for the Youth Ministry Team, was held from August 25th to the 27th, 2006 at Baltimore, MD.

How could He have felt?

By Andy Kim, Baltimore

One cloudy November afternoon, I was watching NYPD Blue on TV. (It’s a police drama). It was a rerun. And it so happened that one of the main characters "Andy Sipowitz", who is a cop probably lieutenant or something, sees his wife get shot after a murder trial, and she ends up dying from the gunshot wound. They have a son, and the son is told that his mommy is "visiting" a friend.

Well, by the end of the show. Andy is standing over his son's bed. And he's just watching his son sleeping. And it reminded me of when I would get sick, in middle school/elementary school, and my father would wake up, and then after giving me medication, he would sit by my bed and watch over me as I tried to fall asleep. He would be so tired, and he would probably have to wake up in a few hours to go to work, but despite that, he would still stay up to watch over me. And it made me think about how must have felt watching me. Because I know my face probably showed expressions of helplessness and pain. And it made me think of how he must have felt.

Because I know how I feel when I am watching someone that I love very much struggling and writhing in pain because of a stomachache or because they're sick, and they seem so fragile and I feel so helpless because I can do nothing. And I know that I wish I could take away their pain, to make it all go away. Even take it on as my own, in order to let them be free of it...

And I thought to myself, this must be how my father felt. As he watched me. And then, that led me to think of Christ. I thought of Christ today. Not in prayer, not in reading the bible, but just randomly, He crossed my mind.

And I thought of Mary and how much pain she must have felt when she was watching her son being walked along the stations of the cross; and she watched her son being crucified, nailed down... and she watched her son die on that cross. And it seems evident to me because I have seen her face (in pictures), I can imagine her pain, I can imagine how she might have felt. But then I thought about God.

And God... the greatest being, the most Almighty, and how could He have felt? Because He is everything and everything comes into being by Him and through Him. And He had to watch His only Son from heaven above, and He could do nothing.

It's funny because my own father, Andy Sipowitz, and mother Mary...are all human beings, and each of them can only do as much as they can do. And taking away another's pain is not something that they are capable of doing. So, even though they had to watch their loved ones suffer... it was almost a sense of relief knowing that they could not do anything more.

But what about God? He knew that He was the mightiest of mighties and there is nothing, not a single thing, that he can NOT do. And He had to watch and just look upon His son in all of his torment, and He could not act, even being well aware that He COULD DO SOMETHING!... How much our Father suffered for us... not only Christ... but our Father in Heaven above. How much He loves us, that He suffered this much WILLINGLY... for us.

He enlightened me on just HOW MUCH HE loved US... and How much HE suffered. Not through Christ alone, but HE suffered, seated at His throne. What a wonderful God.

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