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Mission of KAPC

With the belief that our Pentecostal experiences will revive our Christian community as vibrant as the early church was, we are witnessing to the Gospel that empowers all the people, beyond their denominational differences, to experience God's love and to live a life manifesting His gracious gifts in the Holy Spirit bestowed upon us in the name of Christ.

Pentecost Seminar

Seminar Review

I have a duty now Joseph Ji, Denver, Colorado

2023-02-07 02:05

I have been through probably less than most people when it comes to life. Since I was a young boy I used to wonder why I went to church. I simply followed my parents to church and did as I was told at church. I never really thought or pondered about the meaning of faith or why I was in church every Sunday. When I started to grow older I stayed the same. I went because I had to and believed what they told me to believe and never questioned anything.

After my first Holy Spirit seminar I started to see and reflect on the resurrection and god's love. I started to believe God’s unconditional love caused Him to give up his only son. Despite this, I continued to sin and I still didn’t realize what God had really done for us.urch and what not. I still felt that I didn’t realize what God had really done for us.

The unconditional love of our father is so great but I didn't realize that even through the many retreats that I have come about through the years. This retreat made me realize something new. It opened my eyes to readily reflect on what salvation is and what God's love means to me and everyone else.

This retreat I believe has brought upon me a new life. I have everyone in this room to thank that for. The forgiveness of my sins by the cross was always a blur but I feel that since Jesus died for my sins I have a duty now. This duty I have recognized through this exact retreat has to be done with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus’ Spirit is always around us. And in believing that I think I will myself with the help of His Spirit develop and help people into salvation. I believe that is why I was called to this retreat and why I will have to fulfill this task. Thank you.

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