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With the belief that our Pentecostal experiences will revive our Christian community as vibrant as the early church was, we are witnessing to the Gospel that empowers all the people, beyond their denominational differences, to experience God's love and to live a life manifesting His gracious gifts in the Holy Spirit bestowed upon us in the name of Christ.

Pentecost Seminar

Seminar Review

He has unconditional love for us Helen Sa, Vancouver Canada

2023-02-07 02:07

When I was in grade 10, I used to go to church not for my faith but to meet with my friends. I did not believe in God but because my parents were Catholics, I regularly attended in high school, I rarely listened to my parents. I never understood their traditionally Korean perspective on treating females and males differently. I was expected to come home by 11 and I was not allowed to sleep over at friends’ house while my brother was allowed to do so. I rebelled against their rules because I saw them as irrational and unfair. I would sneak out when they fell asleep and in the morning, justbefore they woke up, I would crawl back through the window.

mass. I had trouble accepting God because I needed proof that he existed. This one particular night I snuck out to meet my friends and I ended up at someone’s house to drink. I didn’t know that person but I went anyways. There were seven of us and by 3 am, everyone was either drunk or slightly intoxicated. One of the friends I was with asked the owner of the house for his car keys. Four other people, including myself, wanted to go with him. When we got in the car we found that the driver didn’t have a license. I should have known God was trying so hard to stop me from going for that drive but in the state that I was in, all I cared about was going for that quick drive to clear my head so I ignore him. Five minutes into the drive, we were going down a hill and we were going too fast. The car spun a couple of times and we sailed over the median. Everything was in slow motion up to the point when the car actually crashed. When I realized that the car had finally stopped, I saw that that passenger side of the car was wrapped around a pole, the side I was sitting on. My friends and I came out of that car without a scratch or a bruise on us. After we had crashed, we didn’t know what to do since we were under the influence and we didn’t have a licensed drive. So, we abandoned the car and we ran.

At that time, I just thought I was the luckiest person to survive such a serious accident without any injuries. It wasn’t until later in my life that luck had nothing to do with me surviving but it was God who had saved me. Now, when I think about that night, I had abandoned him and rejected his callings to me; and even after all the sins I had committed that night, God forgave me. No matter how many times we sin against him, He forgives us because we are his children and he only has unconditional love for us. Through this experience, I’ve learnt God’s existence, love and his power.

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